Just around the corner!

Industrial Covert Unlimited, a supplier of Security and Covert cameras to retail, dealers and installers has announced the creation of its first camera building contest. This contest is an opportunity for creative individuals to demonstrate the abilities of professionals, and some amateurs to create whatever is necessary to get the job done.

The winners in each category will receive cash and recognition for their work at an awards banquet in Las Vegas in 2005.

Hey! is that plant watching me?




Design a camera which is hidden from sight. As a security or spy application which most people wouldn't suspect is for observation or surveillance.


Build your perfect Day and night surveillance solution. Entries can incorporate IR emitters/illuminators to assist in the lighting of observed subjects.


Sometimes a camera is built just to be strange. This is for you wierdos who have a sense of humor about security video, and surveillance.


Security and surveillance cameras not recognized by some of the other categories. Special purpose and function perhaps?


Here is an opportunity for manufacturers to enter up to three of their top cameras, and gain exposure with critical examination of their products.


Cameras will be judged on a number of points relative to the category they have been entered. Judging will be done by a panel of five professionals from the CCTV, Investigative, and Security industries.


 For each category, there will be three types of awards; First, Runner up, and two Honorable Mentions. Money awards will be given in the Covert, Day/Night, Whacky, and Freeform categories. The Manufacturer category winners will receive a plaque and certificate with recognition on this site and submitted to major trade publications.

Money award size will be determined at a later date.


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